Calling all precious metals traders to attend the Early Morning Strategy meeting from London – the world’s largest financial centre.

London Calling – the best ‘value for money’ service of its kind anywhere.

For less than the price of your daily coffee and financial newspaper, gain access to a daily pre London-Open video presentation showing Andrew’s own live gold and silver charts and his detailed up to the minute analysis.

London Calling video provides you:

Start your trading day armed with reliable information from the London Calling early morning video presented by Andrew Maguire and his Goldstar Global Team prioritising the key market and X-currency information relating to the upcoming trading day and represented on Andrew’s live charts in multiple time frames which he explains throughout his concise video. London Calling assists fund managers, professional traders and investors to make their own educated, high probability low risk trading decisions for their portfolios, clients and trading accounts without the associated fees.

Andrew's Goldstar Global Team analyses all relevant technicals, chart patterns, pivots, trend lines, support and resistance levels and provides insight into the all-important physical wholesale market support and resistance levels. Stripping out all of the unnecessary chart chatter enables a trader or investor to focus on the most probable inflection pivots or trend lines for the upcoming day which Andrew then presents in his London Calling video, saving you precious time by providing a clear, quick visual of gold and silver in all time frames.

Many of our clients use the Gold and Silver support & resistance levels we identify to make their own informed decisions on lightening up or adding to their well-researched mining stocks or stock index positions. No matter how much work has been put into identifying and then undertaking the exhaustive due diligence process that is required for traders & investors to make high probability trading decisions relating to gold and silver mining stocks, these stock indexes are heavily influenced by the same actors who have concentrated directional positions in the unallocated OTC and non-delivery Gold and Silver futures markets. London Calling identifies and tracks the dominant algorithms at work in the mining stocks and indexes as well as precious metals markets. These are critical inputs in the decision-making process for both traders of bullion and those choosing to trade the mining stocks and indexes.

Join us ahead of your trading day and be armed with up to the minute information to enable you to focus on the most probable short, medium and long term trading and investment opportunities which you would ordinarily have to obtain from attending a morning strategy meeting at a trading bank.

Andrew has all market information collated and ready to interpret and present in his video ahead of the Asian markets close and ahead of the London Open.

This service is included in MaguireLive.



View a sample London Calling video below.