This is Goldstar Global's Real Time Trading and Analysis Service providing real time access to Andrew Maguire, a forty year veteran of the gold and silver markets


MaguireLive is our premium service which aims to educate its members by providing direct access on a live platform to watch Andrew Maguire, a 40-year specialist of the gold and silver markets, executing his own real time trading decisions. Andrew uses his proprietary indicators and intraday analysis to find and identify low risk high probability entries and exits in a rapidly changing and volatile market place. In a live, member-only web page, Andrew and his GoldStar Global (GSG) Team explain how live, intraday, breaking economic and/or geo-political news events impact the decisions he makes regarding his open positions. 

GoldStar Global Provide:

Andrew educates members by providing a full and informative explanation of why he is opening or closing positions based upon rapidly changing market dynamics and the trades he takes come in the following forms: -

1. FastTrades – these are Andrew’s scalp trades, traded quickly with tight stops which he typically closes on the same day.

2. SwingTrades – these are Andrew’s longer term range trades that seek to gain alpha on his core bullion positions as well as his medium term traded positions.

MaguireLive also provides a Andrew’s fully comprehensive market analysis which includes:-

MaguireLive also includes full access to our London Calling service, where members are invited to join Andrew as he starts his trading day. This early morning strategy meeting, presented in video form, is where he shares his analysis and expectations for the upcoming trading day. More information can be found on the London Calling page under 'Our Services.'