THE VAULT: Direct Access to the Wholesale Global Bullion Markets Through Our MetalDesk.

"Your only gateway to the wholesale precious metals markets"

Physical Bullion: 11 global trading, storage and delivery locations.

Secure: stored and insured by Malca-Amit, Loomis and Armaguard, verified by Inspectorate, audited by BDO.

Allocated Bars and Coins, not Paper contracts: meaning that legal title remains with the client at all times, with Bullion Capital simply storing the bullion on the client’s behalf. This is considered one of the safest and most transparent ways to invest in physical bullion.  

Direct Access to Trade Bullion Online:

The Vault provides you access to our MetalDesk platform which plugs directly into the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX). You can now trade physical gold, silver and platinum securely wherever you are using an online platform in the same way that you would trade stocks, forex or futures. Safely invest in the precious metals of your choice via this easily accessible electronic environment, 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Live pricing and instant order execution gives you the ability to take advantage of every trading opportunity or Specialist Gold Trader Andrew Maguire will time trades on your behalf with no extra fee for your first 12 months

11 global trading, storage and delivery locations provide you with the opportunity to optimise your trading activities and diversify your investment location. Our platform connects these 11 global hubs in real time providing producers, institutions and investors direct visibility into a live streaming central order book ensuring the best possible price to buy, sell and vault bullion in any size. This guarantees that when choosing to buy, sell or vault bullion, you are getting live streaming executable prices which ensures the tightest spreads available globally.

Better Pricing and Liquidity:

Multiple liquidity providers located around the world provide around the clock live pricing. Through The Vault, you have access to this unique physical gold, silver and platinum exchange, which gives you the ability to tap into and enjoy the exchange's higher liquidity and tighter spreads; benefits that are key considerations to any trader or investor and clearly outweigh the traditional method of purchasing gold in a shop.

Full Legal Title to Investment held by Investor:

The majority of purchased gold in the world today is in unallocated form, especially when bought through the banking system. Concisely put, this means that you do not own the gold but the bank owns the gold and you are a creditor to the bank, which in turn opens you up to counter-party risk. The exchange has redefined and circumvented the way gold has traditionally been traded. All bullion on the exchange is stored on an "allocated" basis. This means that legal title remains with you, the client, at all times and that your ownership and legal title to the bullion would survive any insolvency scenario. Any creditors of the exchange would have no claim to your gold being held in the vaults; translating to physical investments that literally and physically belong to you.

Investment Security:

Triple-layered security features include the use of leading third-party vaulting providers: Malca-Amit, Loomis and Armaguard, and auditing and inspection specialists: BDO & Inspectorate.

Global Trade:

The Bullion Exchange brings together 11 global vaulting, storage and delivery locations. This means you can buy gold in a foreign country without the inconvenience of leaving your office or home or as most of our clients do, you can also choose to ask Andrew to buy or sell it on your behalf. The exchange's truly global attribute is the ability it provides to traders to sell gold in one location and buy it again in another location. This invariably means that you have the ability to move your wealth around the world - outside of the banking system.


Why Trade Physical?

Our clients are able to now trade physical metal products, across a range of bars and coins, and even take delivery.

The unique properties of allocated physical precious metal allow you to diversify your investment portfolio. Research indicates that a 5-25% portfolio allocation to gold can improve the risk/return ratio of an investment portfolio – it plays a role in almost all investment portfolios. 

Other precious metal paper contracts, otherwise know as ‘unallocated' contracts, such as OTC trades and CFDs, allow you to get exposure to the price action of the metal, but not own legal title to the underlying physical asset. As the holder of an unallocated contract you are an unsecured creditor of the counterparty who sold you the contract.

The counterparty risk associated with unallocated trading does not give these paper contracts the same safe-haven status as an allocated physical precious metal investment.  

When trading through The Vault Platform you hold allocated title to your gold, silver or platinum investment. This ensures that your ownership remains intact and that your investment is always your outright legal property: a true safe-haven trade or investment.

The Vault

Platform Features

  • Online Trading Platform: Our MetalDesk allows you to monitor live market prices and enables instant order execution and trade settlement.
  • Full market depth: shows all the price levels available in the market for each precious metal product traded, giving an indication of total market demand and supply.
  • Holdings management: allows you to monitor your bullion inventory. Interactive charts show your holdings for each precious metal category and for the specific bars and coins held.
  • Customisable watchlist: organise and focus your precious metal trading by creating watchlists to keep a close eye on the products that you are most interested in.
  • Full account activity reporting: 24 hour access to live and historic account activity.

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